The agroindustrial system plays an important role in the Sicilian economy and it affects in a fairly essential way the whole national agricultural sector.

Agriculture’s contribution to the formation of the whole value added is in Sicily over the National average. This means that in this region the agricultural sector gives a more incisive contribution to the production of the regional wealth compared to the whole of the Country.

Among the various production divisions, the fruit division is the most important, and in particular three kinds of production: citrus trees, olive trees and vines.

The citrus division in Sicily covers an employed area of more than 105 thousand hectares, that is about 60% of the employed area at national level. It supplies a whole production of more than 15 million quintals, with a corresponding GSP * of about € 698 million, that is 61.4% of the national citrus division GSP, 19.5% of the Sicilian GSP and 2.7% of the national one.

As regards the two other production divisions, the viticulture, with an employed area of more than 154 thousand hectares and a corresponding production of 13 million quintals, reaches a Gross saleable Production of € 356 million, that is 9.9% of the regional GSP and 10.1% of the national viticultural GSP. During the last years, Sicilian wines have improved their image, passing from a condition of wines thought and intended for blending, to a status of high quality wines, also thanks to better climatic conditions, and to the license, from the competent bodies, of the denominations of origin.

 The Olive growing too , in our region, proves to be rich in typical productions. We can mention the DOP** Nocellara del Belice, as for the table olives, the DOPs Monti Iblei, Valli Trapanesi and Val di Mazara, acknowledged by the EU, and the only DOC***, Monte Etna, waiting for the Community acknowledgement as a DOP.

The value of the regional olive Production totals € 199 million, that is 5.6% of the regional GSP and 9.7% of the national olive growing one.

 Among the other productive divisions, significant in Sicily is the herbaceous plants cultivation, mostly vegetables, among which the early productions (in greenhouses) stand out: durum wheat, flowers and ornamental plants.

*Gross Saleable Production – N.d.T.

**DOP : Denomination of Protected Origin

***DOC : Denomination of guaranteed Origin