Marble and stone Sector in Sicily

Facts and figures

The stone industry is one of the sectors most internationalized in Sicily, such as to place it at the top among the regions exporting abroad. About 65% of the average turnover of the sector (stone and stone cutting) is exported especially to the Middle East markets.

The main types of product are:
- Raw materials (marble and granite)

- Processed materials - machine-cut stones (tiles, mosaics, cubes)
- Simple processed products (blocks, slabs paving, pavement edges)
- Slate.

Sicily is today, after Carrara, the second productive pole in Italy and Europe, and it is an important reference point for the segment of coloured stone both as quarry and processing.

Data regarding the regional production

Authorized active quarries: about 150
Average workers per quarry: 4
Total employees: 600
Annual production: tn. 1521255 (2nd Italian region for volumes)

Processing companies: about 300
Total employees employed in processing: about 3000

It is estimated an annual production of about one million tons of marble and Sicilian stone industry can count on a range of 25 "leading" types of marble.

The most precious Sicilian marbles are "Perlato di Sicilia", "Grigio di Billiemi", "Rosso di Piana" and Etna lava stone.

At regional level, an important role is represented by the pole of the Trapani province, which alone accounts for 15% of national production and 85% of the regional production. The city of Trapani is the third marble basin of Italy, after Massa Carrara and Verona.

As part of the Regional District of Precious Stones it is possible to identify two economic poles of particular importance in terms of number of companies belonging to the sector and volume of business. One pole is the basin of Custonaci and more extensively the province of Trapani. The second one is Comiso, Chiaramonte Gulfi and Victoria basin and more generally the province of Ragusa for the mining and processing of precious limestone and processing, sawing and selling of granite and other high quality imported materials.
For the first nine months of 2011 the value of the finished and semi finished precious stone exported from Sicily is equal to 58.5 million Eur. Among the prominent markets: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.